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    DJ-Classifieds is one of the most advanced and easy to use classifieds extensions for Joomla. It offers so many options out of the box, making it perfect for any business.

    You can monetize the many options available to users, such as promoted adverts and the "Move to top" feature. This extension is a great way to bring in extra revenue from your website.

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    DJ-Classifieds Regular for Joomla 
    139.00 / € 104,25

    You need an advertising system
    that is both powerful and easy to use

    Other advertising systems for Joomla are difficult to use and don't offer the flexibility you need to create listings that are fully optimized.

    DJ-Classifieds is one of the most advanced and easy to use classifieds extensions for Joomla offering so many options out of the box. Use DJ-Classifieds diverse options to make sure that your ads are getting the most hits possible. Drive even more traffic to your pages with the flexibility to create listings that are fully optimized.

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    Why should you choose DJ-Classifieds?

    Even it has "classifieds" in its name; it is much more versatile than only classified ads purpose. Our customers use this extension in many different ways. With the simple configuration, you can choose the features needed for the website you're building and disable those you don't need.

    DJ-Classifieds is suitable to create any website where you want users to submit their items. The submission can be free or paid, auto published or manually reviewed by the website administrator before publishing.

    It is easy to create whole websites or add classified ads section to the existing Joomla! Installations. Easily create general adverts portals, job listings, real estate services, dating, motorcycle, auto, boats, birds sites, and so on. In our offer, you will also find Joomla! templates that come with custom styling for the extension. If needed, we can provide any customization or integration services at a fixed price or work in Time and Material manner.

    • unlimited categories, locations, units, custom fields, 12 payment gateways integrated and open for new ones,
    • flexible output with modules, layouts, plugins,
    • RTL and LTR languages support,
    • auctions and "Buy now" options,
    • Importer component for importing ads from any external feeds, (you can also import categories and locations),
    • Many ways to charge users for submissions, renewals, extra features, types, time of publication, and more. You can even create your internal currency with the integrated points system,
    • easily customizable and expandable (wrote with MVC model, integrations with 3rd party services, additional apps),
    • engage users with notifications (emails, messages),

    Thousands of websites
    use DJ-Classifieds

    See what our customers said about our product and support.

    • DJ-Classifieds

      Professional Component

      Works great with many useful features. It is suitable to build a professional classifieds website.

    • DJ-Classifieds

      Great product

      Infinite configurations and options, with this component you can build any type of directory.

    • DJ-Classifieds

      An extension that worth of

      This is the best classifieds solution I've seen. It extends Joomla site with extra functionality, which is a must-have for community sites

    • DJ-Classifieds

      The "Swiss Army Knife" of classified ad scripts!

      I have tried numerous Wordpress and Joomla scripts but none offered the flexibility and sophistication of DJ Classifieds.

    • DJ-Classifieds

      Very good!

      Very easy and if you get stuck they help you alot.

    • DJ-Classifieds

      Best Classifieds for Joomla

      Very surprised how good the component is. The extensions (APPs) are great especially "Subscription Plans" and "Ajax Search App".

    • DJ-Classifieds

      Joomla's best classifieds extension

      The range of functions, modules and menus are in depth and cover all the aspects required in a classifieds component. Top marks.

    Simple, flexible pricing.

    Plan duration refers only to downloads of the extensions, their updates and priority 1:1 support. Once your subscription expires there are NO LIMITATIONS in functionality


    Lifetime use

    up to 40% renewal discount*

    • 6 months of downloads, updates and support
    • Unlimited domains
    • No recurring payment



    Lifetime use

    up to 40% renewal discount*

    • All DJ-Classifieds apps
    • 1 year of downloads, updates and support
    • Unlimited domains
    • No recurring payment


    Lifetime use

    up to 40% renewal discount*

    • All templates & extensions
    • 1 year of downloads, updates and support
    • Unlimited domains
    • No recurring payment

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    Create beautiful templates that will make your ads look amazing. Assign them to all of your categories and watch as your website comes alive with listings. You won’t find a better classifieds solution out there.

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